Joss Stone World Tour Memories

 Joscelyn Eve Stoker (born 11 April 1987), known professionally as Joss Stone, is a British singer, songwriter, and actress. In March 2019 Stone embarked on her first full world tour alongside producer Cam Noble. As part of her Total World Tour to perform in every country of the world, she crossed into Syria illegally to perform at Al-Malikiyah. Later the same month, she performed in Turkmenistan and North Korea. In July 2019, Stone was denied entry into Iran, the last stop on her tour.

Kes ft. Joss Stone - Trinidad & Tobago

Tia Ray ft. Joss Stone - China

Asher Otto ft. Joss Stone - Antigua

Omara Portuondo ft. Joss Stone - Cuba

Sabrina ft. Joss Stone - Grenada

Rebeletiko ft. Joss Stone - Greece

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