Is The Keto Diet, The Magic Formula?

As a general weight-loss plan, keto is more controversial. Some health experts warn against it entirely, citing unpleasant side effects, health risks, and the diet’s unsustainable nature. Even many keto proponents admit that, if the diet’s not done “the right way,” it can be the opposite of healthy (MacMillan, 2018).  
  • MacMillan, A., (2018). 7 Dangers of Going Keto, Health. Retrieved from Health

Most of us could stand to drop a few pounds, but it’s always harder to get the weight off than we expect.  So when you hear about people losing a ton of weight in a short period of time on the latest low-carb diet craze, the keto diet, it sounds like the magic formula.  But Dr. Donald Hensrud, author of The Mayo Clinic Diet Book, says the keto diet isn’t new, and it’s not the magic formula people think it is. 

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