The Tragic Tale Of Gypsy Rose

After suffering years of abuse due to her mother's Munchausen by proxy syndrome, Gypsy Rose Blanchard aided in the slaying of her psychological captor. She was sentenced to prison for 10 years, but she claims that she now feels freer than she ever did under her mother's roof. This is her story.

This case has gone on to receive plenty of media coverage, particularly in the HBO documentary Mommy Dead And Dearest and the Hulu TV series The Act.

The Gypsy Rose Blancharde Story

In the months following her murder, authorities determined Dee Dee Blanchard had suffered from a mental disorder frequently referred to as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Her daughter, Gypsy, who is in prison for killing Dee Dee’s murder, claims her...

Gypsy Rose Blanchard says she had been isolated and abused by her mother, Dee Dee, for nearly a quarter-century before she considered murder.

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